You stumbled upon this page for a purpose weather its to learn about the origin and history of African American hair or tips on how to maintain your natural locks or even to be inspired with new and exotic hairstyles. This page has it all!

I created this blog because this topic is of personal interest too me. Believe it or not, but blacks face an internal struggle when it comes to embracing their natural hair. This internal struggle began in the early 1600’s when slavery began. Africans were taken from their home land and were forcibly brought here to America. In America the dominant race is white, whites have all the power and in the mist of their power they set the standards. One of the many standards they force upon the weaker race is the standard of beauty. In America, pale smooth skin and silky hair is beautiful – an attribute that blacks clearly don’t have – which effected the self-esteem of blacks everywhere. Because our hair is naturally rough and coiled we had to conform to the norms that were embedded into our thinking. As a result, many of us turned to relaxers to chemically straighten our rough locks and transform them into a smooth silky texture (Unhealthy and unnatural) and some of us went as far as bleaching our skin to appear lighter.

My purpose with this blog is to inform and inspire my fellow black men and women to enjoy, love, and embrace their natural beauty regardless of societal norms. We are strong! We are black! We are beautiful!


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